There should be No Limits to how you operate your fieldwork contracts.

Our Features List covers every possible scenario that you may want. Whether you like fine-grain control, total automation, or somewhere in between, we'll set it up just the way you like.

Whatever feature we want for our difficult contract, Fieldmaster has it. There are literally no limits to what you can do with it."

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Anand Radhakrishnan

Project Manager, Keystone Services LLC


Software Basics

0% Data Loss

Our battle-tested systems ensure that every byte of data from the field reaches you safely, whatever the condition.

Data Security

Strict data protection and data privacy policies ensure that your data remains private and protected.


Both in terms of functionality and volume of operations, you can scale up when you need it.

Product Features

Design & Planning

feature 5

Multiple Projects

Create multiple projects with their own custom business logic and allocate users between them anytime.

feature 5

Multiple Categories

Within a single project, multiple categories can be used to organize tasks with different workflows and rules.

feature 1

Drag & Drop Workflow Creator

Easily create workflows for your Field Users to follow and change the logic anytime.

feature 4

Branched Logic

Customize input parameters for branches in the workflow based on realities in the field.

feature 1

Custom GPS Accuracy Modes

Configure coarse or fine location capture for each task based on speed and accuracy requirements.

feature 1

Custom Watermarks

Customize the watermarks on photos with identifying information about the task or with custom image overlays.

feature 2

Custom Completion Rules

You decide what constitutes a successful, unsuccessful or in-between task, or any other custom Completion Status.

feature 3

Manual Assignments

Select tasks using rectangular or polygonal select tools and assign them to the users of your choice.

feature 4

Rules-based Assignments

Specify preset rules based on task parameters and bulk-assign them to users with a click.

feature 6

Smart Assign

Let the system use task and user locations to decide the optimal assignments for equal distribution.

feature 2

Bulk Task Upload

Upload a spreadsheet of your preferred format to create tasks in bulk with custom parameters.

feature 1

Multilevel Access Control

Designate different Admin Users for different projects and Organizational Admins at a higher level of access.

Fieldwork Execution

feature 6

Live maps and markers

Tasks get updated in real time as they get assigned or completed, or when any parameter changes.

feature 1

Access to Relevant information

Tasks can be configured with any number of parameters, so that Field Users have all the info they need to work.

feature 2


Set up workflows in multiple languages. Field users get to choose the language they prefer.

feature 3

Data Validations

Supports highly complex data validation rules for field tasks. Users cannot proceed if data is incorrect.

feature 4

Work Online or Offline

For jobs in remote locations, the data is stored in-device and is seamlessly submitted when a network is available.

feature 6

Guidance videos & images

For complex or infrequent tasks, Field Users can view guidance images or videos right in the app.

feature 4

SLA Reminders

If a particular task has a deadline, the user gets reminder messages till it's completed on time.

feature 5

Advanced Search & Filter

Field Users can filter their tasks by activity or search for any parameter.

feature 5

Targets and Incentives

Field Users can view their daily incentives and remaining accounts at a glance.

feature 2

Customer Signatures

Take customer signatures right in the app to digitize everything from the get go.

feature 2

HSE Monitoring

Keep proof of your Field User's PPE on a daily basis to ensure compliance.

feature 5


Clock-in and clock-out from anywhere, with options to choose teammates. Can be enforced.

feature 5

Vehicle Data Entry

Field Users can clock vehicle in and out times and odometer readings for accurate project cost monitoring.

feature 1

Easy Navigation

Navigate with online or offline maps to the right location using Google Maps or another service with a single button.

feature 1

Dynamic Data Pulls

Data from external sources can be pulled into the app based on custom business logic.

feature 1

Device Compatibility

Our mobile applications work on any Android device. Offline-capable web apps can be used for any other device.

Monitoring & Analytics

feature 4

Live Markers & Locations

Maps get updated with live locations of field users and Assignment & Completion Status of Markers.

feature 1

Historical User Locations

Choose Start and End datetimes to see the path followed by a user over a period of hours or days.

feature 1

Advanced Search

Search markers using any status or custom parameter for further actions.

feature 5

Advanced Filtering

Filter tasks based on Visit Status, Activities, Completion Status, and more for further actions or monitoring.

feature 5

Live Dashboards

Realtime charts and graphs with your most important data, to enable quick decision making and reporting.

feature 5

Email Reports

Automated email reports with spreadsheets that can even contain all media links, customized to your preference.

feature 1

On-demand reports

Built-in and customized reports with real-time data that can be downloaded with a click.

feature 4

'VisitCheck' Validation

Automatic confirmation of whether a task location was visited by the Field User upon registering the visit.

Automation & Enhancements

feature 4

Stock Tracking

For tasks requiring material consumption, stock issues, consumption & returns can be easily tracked.

feature 1

Auto Task Creations

Create new tasks based on any trigger (email, form submission, another task completion...) or time schedules.

feature 1

Auto Assignments

Assign markers to different users on time schedules or task parameters or any other logic.

feature 5

Custom Operations Modules

Your own customized modules for carrying out operations the way you want to.

feature 5

Post-Activity Page

Automatically generate pages for the end customer or principal to see the results of the task visit.

feature 5

Post Activity Automation

Send SMS or emails with the task visit details for feedback or confirmations, or even include payment links.

feature 1


Fieldmaster's own Cloud File storage for easily presenting task data in an organized way in your custom formats.

feature 4

Automated Completion Reports

Generate a document with the before and after details and media, for each task visit, in your required format.

feature 4


Dynamic pages containing live incentives or any other information that can be streamed on a TV or display.

feature 4

Custom Mobile Intent

Trigger field actions based on task data. For example: generate bill prints on a mobile printer.

feature 4

Auto Validation

For parameters that cannot be validated in the field. For example: use machine learning to validate photos.

feature 4


Integrate with your CRM or ERP systems by pushing and pulling data from Fieldmaster through custom APIs.

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