Some of the results we've delivered...

  • Helped an $800M client in the utility space who was struggling with chaotic processes and high cost of operations to turn the project around and 4X their revenues within 3 months without increasing any overheads. The project enjoys the highest profit margins the sector has ever seen.
  • Helped a large telecom company battling with poor market reputation to revamp their entire operations and become #1 in customer satisfaction over a period of 6 months. They went on to bag a huge multimillion dollar maintenance contract immediately after.
  • Helped a mid sized manufacturing firm known for poor B2B after-sales service to reduce their response times by 40% and ensure 100% accurate diagnostics and quick, on-site repair. Our feedback mechanism showed a 1000% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.
  • A $100M client in the utility space who faced challenges in team dynamics and metrics measurement saw their project profitability increase by 2.5X within 2 months of using the Fieldmaster System.
  • Feedback taken from client's staff 1 month into implementation showed a doubling of motivation and job satisfaction as process upgrades we implemented saw 95% of manual chores eliminated or automated.
  • And more!

The Fieldmaster System helps me manage my team, achieve peak levels of operational efficiency, and it automates all the reporting. As a result, project revenues went up considerably. The best part? They provide excellent support and tweak the system frequently to solve ongoing challenges at no additional charge. We feel like we're in 2033.

Baha Zreiqat

Billing Operations Manager
Oman National Engineering & Investment Co. SAOG

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Years of Real Fieldwork

We started as a contracting firm ourselves in 2015 and developed the Fieldmaster System to solve our own pain points.


Field Tasks

You get a system that has evolved and matured over the experiences and learnings that come with over 9 million field visits.



You get the expertise that comes from us having worked in a multitude of sectors and handled projects both small, and as large as hundreds of millions of dollars.

Statistically, you are losing out on revenues, profits and growth.

The fieldwork component of your contracts has the #1 impact on your REVENUES and COSTS.

Field staff in most firms are underutilised by up to 40%. Often there's no measurement on this.
85% of companies spend disproportionate amounts to validate field tasks instead of getting the work done right the first time.
65% of companies don’t have visibility into the grunt realities of their fieldwork, leading to inadequate decision-making.
90% of project teams have too many back-office staff, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.
80% of fieldwork contracts run over budget, over deadline, and underperform on profits.
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